Shoe Repair Policy Page

Document effective 12 October, 2020

Post – Assessment Policy

Your items have gone through an online assessment however it would go through a post-assessment once it is received at the repair hub. If there are new repair requests at the end of the post-assessment, we won’t hesitate to share them with you for review. Please note that our payment policy still applies in such situations.

Payment Policy

Full payment is required before repair commences on any customer item. Requests for part payment will only be considered if requested. Acceptable payment proportion is 70% before pick up and 30% before delivery.

Return-back Policy

You have 30 calendar days to return your shoes for a repair from the date you received it.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. Your item must be in the original packaging. Also, you must send a video clearly stating the observations you have. This is to ensure that your request matches the request you were billed for. If it doesn’t match, your return-back won’t be scheduled.

Refund Policy
Before a refund is issued, the return-back option must first be used by the customer except otherwise stated by the company.

A refund will be issued if and only if the repair requested by the customer wasn’t done. If there was no clear difference and no use of the material in the repair process.

Pick and Delivery Policy

During the refund process, the pickup and the delivery charge will be deducted from the total repair charge to be refunded.

Repair Timeline Policy
9 – 15 working days, 9 – 25 working days for Peeling Shoe Repair.

This however does not include the number of days it takes for us to get a response from you concerning any feedback we need to conclude on a repair process or material.

In the event of a delay from our part, we won’t hesitate to send a message of delivery date extension.

Warranty Requirement

All repairs done by The Aboki have a warranty of 3 – 6 months depending on the repair and the reason for the newly found damage. Your warranty can only be used after our repair team has reviewed the item to determine the cause of the damage. Any damage caused by customer’s handling and care, natural cause of wear & tear and non-related repairs would not have access to this warranty. Only repairs done by The Aboki on an item have access to the above stated warranty. 

These policies are subject to review, adjustments and updates. Only the most updated policies shall be applied on submitted cases.

We are honest individuals focused on giving our customers a beautiful experience with us. You can be sure that your case request will be handled with that same level of integrity and love.

Thank you.