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Delivery Option

We have two major options; Home Option or Hub Option. We can either pick up from any location of your choice or from our approved hub locations.

Care Plan

We have two major plans. Single Care plan (pick up and delivery once a month) and Double Care Plan (pick up and delivery twice a month)

Routine Plan

Routine plan allows you to choose a stable, consistent and conveneint routine based on your lifestyle.
We have two major routines: Pick up on Monday, Deliver on Thursday or Pick up on Thursday, Deliver on Monday

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Most frequent questions and answers

It take only 4 days. Select your preffered routine.

Routine 1: Pick up on Monday, Deliver on Thursday

Routine 2: Pick up on Thursday, Deliver on Monday

Yes it is.

Ensure you select the right care plan. Pick up twice a month or once a month.

No you don’t need to do this. It is all included in your subscription fee.

We are a leather restoration company focused on making leather care and repair easy for all our customers.

The transaction fee is paid directly to Paystack. Paystack is the payment company we partnered with to make payment easy for all our customers.

Yes we are. The Aboki Shoe Repair is our family member.

If you have a complaint, feel free to use the chat system on the website or contact us via email. You would get a response within 18 hrs.

Yes you have access to a returnback or a refund. Please visit our policy page for more details


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We want our customers to feel more confident about themselves through the sophisticated yet simple Art of Shoe Care, Repair and Revival.

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Raise the standard of shoe care and repair in Africa

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