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Welcome to the most Innovative Shoe Repair Company in Nigeria

We have changed the game. We created something out of nothing.

We have revolutionalised the Shoe Repair Industry. We have taken the old and made it brand new. We are definitely not your normal Aboki. We have automated and creatively solved the most pressing challenges of an average Nigerian Man or Woman. This is the doing of The Aboki and it is marvelous in our eyes

We have simplified the process

Take a Picture

Get good and clear angles of the shoes, highlighting the areas that need to be worked on

Send the Picture

Send the pictures to us via Instagram or Whatsapp. You will get an assessment result shortly after sending the pictures

Schedule a pick up

If you are fine with the assessment, we would go ahead and schedule a pick up from wherever you are in Nigeria

Repair Surgery

Creative and Intensive work begins on your shoes and bags. All eyes shall be on that shoe until it looks good again.

Your shoes are ready

Yaay!! they are ready for delivery. They have been properly cared for, packaged to your taste and brought straight to your doorstep

We Provide the Ultimate Shoe Care and Repair Services

Leather Recovery

Bringing your leather colour back to life. The process consists of light layers of leather dyes hand mixed in our studio to ensure the perfect colour match to conceal any stain

Full Sole Replacement

We select the most durable sole based on the previous sole attached to the shoe, we carefully remove the worn out sole and replace it with the well suited sole we selected.

Leather Cleaning

We would perfectly clean all stains, mud, dirt. We also refreshen up your standard running trainers. We try our utmost to clean even the toughest of stains at our workshop


This is a process of carefully putting back together the opening of any part of the shoe from sole - upper to leather - leather to accessory - leather

Sole Guard

A thin layer of rubber is placed on sole of the shoe to protect the main sole from wearing faster. It provides comfort and also reduces the pressure on your feet

Footbed Replacement

It is a simple process of replacing the existing worn out and flattened footbed with a fresh, soft and comfortable layer of leather perfect for your feet

Heel Cap Replacement

We select the most durable heel cap. We then carefully remove the worn out heel cap and replace it with the well suited heel cap we have selected.

Lining Repair

It is a process of carefully replacing the wornout lining of the innerpart of the shoe that touches the side of your feet with a fresh, clean layer of leather perfect for your feet.

Case Studies (Before and After)

Full Leather Replacement

Peeling Shoe Repair

Footbed and Sole Replacement

Sole Guard and Heel Cap Replacement

Leather Colour Change

Full Sole Replacement

What are people saying about The Aboki?

I love the process, it is so convenient and hitch-free. I am super amazed at the outcome.
Via Instagram
I absolutely love the idea. I can't wait for you guys to open a branch in London.
Via Email
This is shoe magic. My shoes are back to life again. I love the twist in the new colour, so beautiful.
Via Instagram
To be honest, I wasn't expecting this much incredible improvement. I am super impressed, Thank you.
Via Whatsapp



45% of the amount you pay for our services goes into thier upkeep and wellbeing.

Although our Head Office is at the Heart of Nigeria

No place is too far for us to reach. We have conquered over 10 states in Nigeria and we are spreading fast.

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